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Battling the Mask Mandates in court. -
The CDC Lacks Any Statutory Authority to Adopt the Mask Mandate
The CDC bases its authority to adopt and enforce the Mask Mandate on its
view of the meaning of 42 U.S.C. Section 264. 86 Fed. Reg. at 8029. But the
Mask Mandate clearly exceeds the plain language, as well as the history, of the
cited statutory authority. Where an agency action lacks statutory authority, the
court must hold such action as unlawful and set it aside.

BDair 8 Dec 2

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Safety issue. Do a risk assessment to determine if mask mandates minimise risk from the hazard. If not, there are other risk minimising controls that can also be employed.
If a safety control method is not 100% effective in all cases, should not be mandatory imo if equally effective alternate controls are available.
The use of masks is not compromising bodily autonomy, so not the same argument as mandating medicine.

puff Level 7 Dec 2, 2022
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