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So on another website (Virta..... for Type II diabetes control) one of the posters put up pix of her son's long--awaited wedding last week.
Today she posted that fully half the attendees, including a 4-month-old and the 90-year old grandmother of the groom, and her, have COVID, and more reporting daily.
The people are Mostly vaxxed, (they were asked beforehand, and Somebody lied!!!!) so prognosis is good generally, but it's just like a spreading wildfire....

AnneWimsey 9 Dec 2

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Emotional events and special dates where one is expected to attend, paid lots of money on clothes, gifts, have a special role etc., means less attention paid to common sense health protocol, unprotected travel, sharing cars and hugs with folks not normally in our bubbles, extra stress, lack of sleep, forgetting to drink our liquids, take our vitamins, and we are generally indoors with no fresh air circulating. This makes for dicey situation.

These days many folks might have had their first round of vaccinations, but have let them lapse, and haven't had their updated bi-valent booster. We need to understand that the vaccinations don't protect us 100% and so we still need to be careful and use common sense when interacting with others of questionable health status. Even those with vaccinations that are waning, and those who had covid previously are still better off than those who don't have any degree of immunity.

Scary when people aren't protecting even the 90 year olds... I attend weddings nearly every day, today's was about 50 people, totally outdoors and everyone kept their distance with me, though the bride and groom hugged me briefly. (I hold my breath during hugs from anyone but family.)

As we go into the holidays and winter, we have to keep up our usual health safety measures. I just traveled and was one of the 25% of fliers wearing a mask on the plane. It's my 3rd day back from my travels, and so far I'm not sick.

People should remember that the vaccinations and boosters aren't fully effective until about 2 weeks after the shot. And they wane in effectiveness after about 6 months. Someone vaccinated over a year ago isn't really fully protected.

I've been taking my temperature daily and have tested 3 times in the past 9 days, just to keep aware in case I do develop anything and then I will isolate. We all have to take responsibility for our own health --- AND protect others from anything we MIGHT have by using common sense protocol.


It is entirely possible that whoever brought it to the wedding didn’t know they were sick yet. It also could have been someone who worked for the caterer serving, or someone who set up the reception. It could be anyone.


Vaccination doesn't prevent Covid; it (hopefully) reduces the severity of the infection. Vaccinated or not, if one has Covid, they can be infectious. Possibly very infectious.

But thanks for the alert. The spike that happens Nov-Dec is here, now! And I heard yesterday that 300 per day are dying in the US. And again, dying needlessly thanks to Fox and Trump.


What do you mean someone lied? You still accept that only the unvaccinated spread? No-one claims that anymore.
Perhaps covid vaccines are not useful in stopping spread and that if people actually knew that then other precautions may have been employed to keep guests safe.
The lie is covid vaccines are effective at stopping transmission. A shame people place themselves at risk for believing this "safe and effective" lie.

puff Level 8 Dec 2, 2022

Those that have been fully indoctrinated with the 'Vaccine Apologist Dogma' will never come around to reality.

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