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Do you think "micro donations" in politics contribute to polarization and the vilification of the other side? I am all for single person donations and HATE big money in politics. But I also get a lot of emails asking for "just $15", etc., and they all refer to the other side as extreme. I don't disagree, but it occurs to me that painting the other side as such is an emotional appeal to get me to donate. And I imagine the other side does the same thing (and I don't see my views as extreme).

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I am all for micro donations, like Bernie had the last two times, for almost all of his campaign funding. It is positive if, like Bernie, they use the money to fund their campaigns instead of selling out completely to corporations and the rich for all the funding of their campaigns. Almost all the other pols in DC, Dem or Repub, sell out to all the same donors I mentioned, unlike Bernie, so there are exceptions, and I would much rather support them than all the Repubs and corporate Dems I see in federal office, because we all know that voters don't matter to these pols, just their donors. Same for either party.


I donate out of fear and loathing of the right. That fear and loathing is definitely fed by contribution requests. Even though it was present prior to the request.

I've also participated as a volunteer in many campaigns. That means I have first hand knowledge of the appalling waste and self enriching practices of the campaign industry. Waste that candidates have no time or inclination to deal with. Our only hope is government funded campaigns with stringent restrictions on their use. Unfortunately that will probably never happen for a myriad of reasons.


Nothing wrong with donating to politics. The problem comes in how they use it. Pay me or horrible politicians will get into office and ruin your life. Sounds a lot like put your money in the plate or you'll go to hell.


I think modern media has caused most of the polarization and demonization in politics.

You know where most of that money goes? Into ads on MSM. Election years are like Xmas for them.

@rainmanjr it's their mini super bowl. Candidate ad rates are doubled by most media.

@Lorajay Yep. This is really not hard to figure out but few point it out. It's just intuitively known as one sits through the ad blocks. YouTube could barely run a podcast through all the loud ads. Now they also make it harder to mute them.

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