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Letter to the religious

I personally don't care what anyone believes or has faith in so long as it doesn't mean to control me in any way. That's where my problem with religion lies at it's core. Whether it's Christianity for which we're most familiar with or other present day religions such as Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc they all seek our giving and passing along. They all expect us to give of ourselves to the belief/faith to be part of the group. They actively recruit new members. Look as far as I'm concerned a person can believe whatever they want. What isn't moral is to push those beliefs onto others or demand they live by the same rules you impose upon yourself through your belief/faith. Simply understand that your belief and your faith should play no more of a role in my life than mine in yours. Keep that thought close by in all that you do.

FvckY0u 8 Dec 6

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Too bad the real world is much more complicated. Don't tell me or you to believe what we want which often discounts the fact we act on our beliefs. Those actions can and do affect other people and the planet.


The worst thing is when it gets pushed past the separation wall, church/state. So good to know that people fought back fiercely this past election.


It will never happen as long as we have the "missionaries" who can't abide anybody elses sanctity. The Mormons, SDAs and JW's.
I was continually bothered by some JW's while living in an outback village. I got sick of them so I found a goats head nailed it on a board , painted the pentagram on the background behind the goat skull and below it I wrote the words.
I never heard from them again


Good luck with that.

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