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LINK Public libraries aren't censoring Kirk Cameron. He just wants attention.

In a desperate plea for attention and a pathetic attempt to market his new children’s book, Christian evangelist and former TV star Kirk Cameron claims libraries are censoring him even while welcoming drag queens and hosting LGBTQ-friendly events.

Cameron’s publishers at Brave Books told FOX that they reached out to 50 public libraries to see if they would sponsor events in which Cameron would read his book to kids. They wanted the libraries to advertise the events on their websites and market the readings as they do other children’s events. Naturally, many of them said no.

The Rochambeau Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island, for instance, told Cameron and his book publisher by phone, “No, we will pass on having you run a program in our space.”

“We are a very queer-friendly library. Our messaging does not align,” the library worker also told Brave Books. 

(So, basically Cameron expected the libraries to give him free advertising for his book and they saide "no".)

snytiger6 9 Dec 8

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Him and his sister are creating big stink about there views of the gay community. Good for those libraries for telling Kirk to stick his book where the sun don't shine.


The public created him and the public can kill him (metaphorically, of course).

Damn Growing Pains and Full House! Damn them to hell for unleashing these Camerons.

@Scott321 Right? TBF, he had bitchin' hair.


He is making his own advertising. You send out two hundred applications, forty nine say no because they are closed that day anyway, or they already have a booking, and out of those one said no for idealogical reasons. So you only count those fifty, and you only talk about that one, and wham bang you are a victim.

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