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I'm new here from Uganda.
Looking for an agnostic or atheist lady to love.
I'm a nerd who's introverted if I am not on stage performing.
Will I find love here?

ChrisAine 6 Dec 8

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Mimi na fikiri hapana.
Lakini wenawesa pata rafiki mingi.

@ChrisAine karibu, bwana.


Welcome to AgnosticDotCom!

To answer your question... you might find love here, just as a person might find love at a grocery store or at a football game, but, like those venues, this is not primarily a dating site. It's mostly a site where non-believing religious literalists gather to proclaim their superiority to believing religious literalists.


skado Level 9 Dec 8, 2022

It was originally intended to be a dating site and a social discussion site, but the former never really panned out, and in the last several years, it has been a joke for dating. No local dating options except for a very few Americans, plenty of long distance dating options, for people in America, unlike you. But I would say that even men in America are out of luck on here, as no women on here appear to be interested in trying LD dating, and I sure am not.

Yes, at least it is good for that. And I understand a few have actually found marriage partners here, so best of luck in all regards.

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