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House passes Respect for Marriage Act, sending landmark marriage equality bill to Biden


xenoview 8 Dec 8

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I already had one inquiry this morning for a same sex wedding -- they were waiting for this day - and will firm up their plans once Biden signs the bill.

This is a couple who have been together 18 years, but were unsure what would happen to their marriage if the right to marry might be taken away. They were really confused what would happen to a marriage that might have to be dissolved because of something the Supreme Court might rule in the future.

It's crazy to have so many people too timid to make wedding plans. I think I will have another surge in same sex weddings, maybe not like after the marriage equality act passed in 2013. Shortly after the marriage equality act passed, 50% of my weddings were same sex. Now it's back 10% of my couples being same gender.


It's gotten pretty bad when congress has to outwit the supreme court.


Should have been the Equality Act but I’ll take it.


It's about damned time!!

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