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What went right this week: a ‘major breakthrough’ for forests, plus more

The EU agreed a landmark law to halt deforestation, working less was found to be good for business, and France banned domestic flights, plus more positive news

This week’s positive news roundup

  1. Rainforests breathed a little easier
    In a move hailed a “major breakthrough for forests”, the EU has approved legislation banning goods linked to deforestation.

  2. Speaking of forests…
    Expect to see more of them in the UK, where a ‘mini forest’ revolution is gathering pace. Tiny pockets of land across the country are being transformed using a groundbreaking technique that aims to build ecosystems rather than simply plant trees.

  3. The US passed a bill protecting same-sex marriage
    Same-sex marriage is now protected by US federal law. Congress approved legislation guaranteeing federal recognition of gay and interracial marriages in a vote on Thursday.

  4. France banned some domestic flights
    The European Commission has given France the nod to ban domestic flights on routes where there’s a train alternative that takes less than 2.5 hours.

  5. The UK embraced onshore wind
    It is the UK’s cheapest source of electricity, but onshore wind has long been stymied by planning laws. Not for much longer, perhaps. This week, the UK government pledged to relax restrictions on onshore wind following threats of a rebellion from Conservative MPs. Exact details are unclear, but it marks a welcome change of direction.

  6. The Earthshot Prize revealed its winners
    They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Enter the Earthshot Prize. It launched last year to fund projects that save the planet.

  7. Working less was found to be good for business
    One of the world’s largest four-day week trials has concluded. The verdict? None of the participating firms wants to go back to a five-day week. 😆

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Thank you for the good news. These are all great events.


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