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Made 50 lowfat almond biscotti for friends and family.

Making biscotti is a Christmas tradition with my friend, Billie, 84. Billie used the same recipe but added freshly grated orange zest to the dough.

Billie fancies up her biscotti by piping zig-zags of melted chocolate chips on top. I don't like how the chocolate falls off into my coffee cup.

I packaged biscotti in fancy clear gift bags. Had fun driving around delivering the Italian cookies to friends and family.

"I kept the rejects, the smallest biscotti for myself," I told Kathy on my last stop. "I think they are too hard. Would you like to split them with me?" She was delighted.

"I love them!" Kathy replied "I like dropping them in tea." She washed her hands before picking out the smallest ones.

I felt happy that she took them off my hands.

LiterateHiker 9 Dec 15

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Sounds like a win-win


I got to like Biscotti. My late partner discovered she had a gluten issue but came up with a recipe for GF Persian style Biscotti. People started asking her to for the recipe and/or bake them for them.


I think homemade treats/sweets are a wonderful way to say greetings anytime of the year but especially during the holidays.
Never was a fan of Biscotti, shortbread dough types are my favorite. But it's been years since I've eaten cookies or candy. I like savory/salty treats these days.
My mom made dozens of cookies just for Christmas - at least 10 different kinds - and then put various sizes of trays together for friends and relatives at Christmas.
My favs were the peanutbutter with a fork dipped in dark chocolate pressed on the top. The other was a savory cheese straw, melt in your mouth delicious!
This was the only time my mom got to bake sweets. Early on in my parents marriage Dad requested she stop with the sweets, he was putting on too much weight from the goodies.😁
I did enjoy helping with the baking, can't say the same with the canning in August in NJ heat with no air conditioning. Hey,thanks for bring up the happy memories🤗.


Interesting because I have never tried these.


I used to love Almond Biscotti. NOW however...I have lost my taste for anything Almond...weird how tastes change when you get older.


Interesting how our sense of taste changes as we get older.

I cannot stand anything spicy now. Even cinnamon burns my mucous membranes.

@LiterateHiker Depends on the spice. I love ginger and curry is now a daily meal which is a switch from the Mexican spices I used to enjoy.

@silverotter11 no on the curry(never a fan), yes in the Mexican.

@phoenixone1 I was not much of a fan years ago but recently I have found I like curry as much as Mexican!

@LiterateHiker We may have discussed this before but a test FoodStats Food test, can be given that shows some food sensitivities. It has had some controversy but I had it and it changed my life. Maybe your body is telling you something. []

@JackPedigo almond has no "EFFECT" on my body...i just don't like the taste...same thing with curry, which I NEVER liked. I eat the same foods I have loved all my life with the exception of a few items...which I can live without. Thanks for the input though...Happy, Merry, Gobbleween, Year.

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