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LINK Musk Just Reinstated a Dozen Previously Suspended Right-Wing Twitter Accounts, After Baselessly Suspending Mainstream Journalists

It's amazing. When I first joined this site I badmouthed Elon Musk mercilessly and got bombarded with hate from members of this site. I was a level 3 maybe. Everybody admired him, his contribution to science and protecting the planet. I'm wrong about a lot of things, but about this I was 100% right. Read the list of the biggest scums of the earth who he just reinstated after he suspended fine journalists. I hope he dies in his sleep. Soon.

barjoe 9 Dec 17

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Wasn't baseless. He is a target and don't need your location and ETA's broadcast so any nutter may find an opportune moment.
And the journo's got reinstated, after an assurance to stop broadcasting his whereabouts I'm sure. No real fan of musk, same trump, but he sure knows how to drive the left nuts. So have to admire him for that.

puff Level 8 Dec 17, 2022

You know one journalist, Donie O'Sullivan from CNN, was suspended for reporting that the LAPD had no record of an incident where Lil X's life was threatened. Elon Musk made up the whole thing just so he could orchestrate this farce. Of course stupid motherfuckers believe it and regurgitate his false message. Because they're stupid as shit.

@barjoe I did not need Elon to tell me that the richest man in the world has security concerns. Anyways, journo's back on twitter so what's the problem?

@puff only half of them

Musk's claim of doxxing was nonsense. One guy posts PUBLICLY AVAILABLE information about Musk's private jet and the others either re-tweeted or linked to it. This is primadonna narcissism from Musk.


Musky Baby has lost his senses, assuming that he ever had any in the first place.


Does he know what he’s doing, or is he just grabbing at straws?

He knows.

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