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Hope Biden makes it to 2024.

puff 7 Dec 18

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Anybody, including you or me, could be leave this illusion at any second. We've had other Presidents die in office and life went on. What's important is that what they stood for also went on. JFK's assassination prompted LBJ to create The Great Society.

POTUS Harris

@puff Well...yes. LBJ was no friend of JFK but respected his agenda none-the-less. That is how the office was once viewed. Harris would be a fine POTUS, IMO.

@rainmanjr Has she been a fine VP IYO? She seems incompetent and way above her head imo. She was chosen for visual effect rather than ability unfortunately. Biden vowed his VP would be female. Being a woman with ethnic background was a bonus for PR purposes.
The hawks at the Pentagon would control her quite easily.

@puff She was as fine a choice as any other and a couple of firsts.

@rainmanjr I don't believe the US is that bereft of talent politically wise. There were plenty of better choices. Government has become a popularity contest but even by those criteria, there were still better choices.
I can see democrats dragging out Michelle Obama in '24 which would not win over any GOP voters who were not impressed with Obama

@puff Like whom? I believe nobody would have made you folks happy. I voted for Bernie but happy with the voters choice and "someone better" isn't going to happen for you so get behind him. He's not overthrowing the government to become Dictator so that's something.


So do I considering the alternative but he’s a terrible president. Hopefully DeSantis will be elected in 24.

Out of Trump, Biden and DeSantis, he is looking the best for '24. Any other serious contenders from either side?

@puff If you consider Biden to be the best choice out of those 3 you must be living in a dream world.

@Trajan61 I was responding to you eg DeSantis

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