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LINK Convictions For Unlawfully Carrying Guns Skyrocket After Texas Passed Constitutional Carry

There's nothing more dangerous than armed people without training. This is what happens when you don't regulate firearms.

Paul4747 8 Dec 22

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I still feel that the same rules that apply to cars should apply to guns, you need a license to operate one, and insurance in case it causes damage.


True. And yet I'm feeling oddly optimistic that so many arrests are actually being made ... and apparently they're even being convicted.

So many of these people scare the shit out of me when they come into restaurants and stores where I'm shopping because of their lack of education about their weapons and the law ... and their batshit crazy ideas about shooting up those they perceive as bad guys.

BUT just imagine the opportunity costs involved; consider that every time police and the courts have to deal with a gun-totin moron like these, they're not out fighting violent crimes (which are much higher in Texas than in the supposedly soft-on-crime, "liberal" states).

@Paul4747 Well, it's a bit of a leap to think that some of these people aren't also violent criminals, we're just seeing them in a seemingly passive moment, so I don't find it too be a waste of time. And as Uvalde has shown us, cops don't always stop the violent crime as much as clean up the mess afterwards.

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