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Would you date a pornstar?

I see lately the number of pornstars has increased especially on social media with lads and lasses posting themselves in really exposing positions nude and even having sex on camera.
I watch porn myself and jerk off sometimes but I am wondering; wouldn't I be jealous if it was my girlfriend or wife in that steamy sex scene!!?
Damn sure I would be jealous..
I read an article about a pornstar couple on the New York Post and these two seem to be fine with their partners..
Mind you people who don't act in porn movies are called civilians in the article.

Would you be fine dating someone who posts their nudes and sex on social media for any of many reasons?

ChrisAine 6 Dec 24

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I recall Greta Christina writing somewhere a few years ago about dating and having relationships with sex workers, I don't know whether I can find it again.


If that person was a kind and decent person then yes, I would date a porn star. I would strongly consider (and ask) why this person was dating me. Sure, I might be a little jealous but at the end of the day they chose to spend their time with me then that tells me a lot.


You would be jealous. I would not be jealous. I am not the sort of person who would want to "own" any woman, even at a subconscious level.


I used to chat to a stripper---
She was in college and raising a son
, so as I had no agenda except friends I could relate to her motive & goals●


No. After Fucking Other People All Day, They Want To Come Home And Just Cuddle.


I actually think a sex worker would have been the best partner for me but I didn't understand that when it would have made a difference. (Whether one would have wanted me is another matter, of course.)

I now have a great friendship with a mature woman who offers sensual massage for extra income and prides herself on her oral skills. We only see each other occasionally because of distance, but we are in almost daily contact by chat and her friendship was good for me during the isolation of lockdown. It is good to share dirty talk with someone who enjoys it!

@ChrisAine I'm not too bothered about people calling me a pervert. I feel much more comfortable in the company of (legal) perverts!


I wonder what freebies listed in Index Medicus are given away by pornstars....


Before I met my wife, I was sure that I would not date a man who works in the porn industry, but everything has changed. I even sometimes watch CEI Porn footjungle with her participation. I thought I'd be jealous of her, but no. I understand that this is the same job for her as web design is for me. Everything is much simpler than I thought earlier.



Diaco Level 7 Dec 24, 2022

My ex left me for a form of one...... and older woman who looked Exactly like his mother, down to the grey/white pageboy bob and 50 extra pounds. Her hubby was the photographer and the "cast" included dogs and donkeys...just Eeeewwwwwwww, and he was always squeamish about getting a BJ...go figure!


I'm 65 years old. If she could pay my bills? Absolutely!

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