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Wheeee-yewwww!! I am so glad to have Christmas over!!! What a nauseating display of stupidity and materialism. Paying homage to the worst lies in a tradition of blood-thirsty hate and bigotry. Yes, lets whitewash all the evil of the last 2000 years with strangers coming together over food poisoning, hypocrisy as thick as burned mac and cheese, saccharine carols, moronic movies, useless presents, insincere hugs, and the utter blank mindlessness of it all. I wish I could say what I really feel...

racocn8 8 Dec 26

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For me it was four days off from work in which I got some reading done and watched movies and documentaries. And I didn’t buy anyone gifts. Win-win!


Inauthenticity vs authenticity isn't even a choice IMO.


Yes, I know I'm not the norm, but I'm so glad Christmas is over. The expectations from others (and myself) of going into debt to buy things nobody really wants or needs, plus taking time and all my savings to travel, risking health plus more debt, just to pay homage to a holiday I don't really believe in is stupid. Simple commercialization, rather than getting back that elusive family connection. Glad I'm excused from all that - after declaring myself checked out from all that nonsense. Glad I decided to stay home alone this year. Happier that way.

I remember years past, going into debt and spending hours of shopping time, to purchase gifts I thought were on extended family members lists, only to have them ask for the gift receipt to return them for the cash they needed more. Sure seems a silly way to waste time and money, and cause stress and grief. Plus all the cooking and baking, if it's not one's thing, it's a lot of stress, staying up preparing food people will just pick at.

I know some people really love and can get into the holidays, but it's not that way for everyone. Holidays lately seem to be a forcing of people to gather, who might not normally choose to be together. It's hard to get people to look up from their phones or iPads long enough to really connect. I sure wonder if maybe just gathering naturally when it's more convenient, maybe away from internet and cell phone service, is far better. A mountain cabin when it's convenient for everyone, perhaps.

For many reasons, some too personal to share, I'd really like to just strike the whole month of December off the calendar. This is partly why I just hide indoors for much of the time, and look forward to January. To all those who enjoy the holidays, fine, more power to you, but please give some of us a break who for personal reasons just really don't like the holidays and all the expectations of others.

I love Solstice and New Year's Day but ignore Xmas AMAP. I don't give anyone a gift, including money, and reply to their nice hopes for my day that I will wish them a happy New Year. They probably chuckle at my dismissal of their holiday. Isn't that presumptuous?

@rainmanjr Yep, we each gotta be who we gotta be, and other folks can like it or lump it. That's my opinion.


I have not associated Christmas with christianity since I was a child. The holiday, meaning time off from work, gives an opportunity for family members to come together and enjoy each other's company and to catch up on family news. Christmas is so commercialized that religion can easily be forgotten, at least for me it was. I won't begrudge the holiday for anyone who wants to celebrate it.

Betty Level 8 Dec 26, 2022

Which is exactly why I stay away from everybody!


I had a good time.

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