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LINK Jan. 6 Organizer Ali Alexander Blames Turning Point USA for Capitol Riot

Jan 6. “Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander tossed right-wing activist Charlie Kirk under the bus during his closed-door deposition with the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riot over a year ago, newly released transcripts reveal.

In documents posted Tuesday, Alexander wasn’t shy about doling out blame to seemingly everyone but himself during the meeting with House investigators—while at the same time citing sudden memory lapses that clouded his recollection of the events leading up to that day.

He blamed Kirk and his conservative youth organization, Turning Point USA, for financing the travel of rioters from a number of points across the country to Washington, D.C., where they proceeded to violently break into the Capitol building and assault dozens of police officers in the process.

He cited the group’s bus network that transported Jan. 6th activists to Washington—and conveniently absolved himself of any blame for bringing hundreds of rioters to the scene.

“I think it was my understanding that it was ran through Turning Point USA,” Alexander said, according to the deposition transcript. He denied any involvement, except for the fact that TPUSA was using his “popular” Stop the Steal branding.

He went on to respond “yes” to a Jan 6. committee representative stating: “It sounds like you’re saying that to the extent that buses were paid for, with the exception of one possible one that you may have had for Stop the Steal, your involvement in the buses was basically to advertise Turning Point’s offering of the bus.”

But he didn’t stop there—on Tuesday night, Alexander doubled down on Kirk’s culpability for the riot.

“I wonder how Charlie Kirk escaped any scrutiny when he made us bus in all those people on his funded buses,” he told The Daily Beast. “Fortunately, he’s losing donors and popularity while gaining face weight. Disgusting!”

Following the events of Jan 6., Kirk deleted a tweet in which he touted that “80-plus buses full of patriots” were sent to Washington, D.C., on Turning Point USA’s dime. Responding to Kirk’s attempt to cover his tracks, Alexander told The Daily Beast that “TPUSA turned their backs on the election integrity movement,” while suggesting there’s more to come regarding Kirk’s involvement.

A Turning Point USA spokesperson didn’t return The Daily Beast’s request for comment on this story. (Notably, when asked about Alexander in his own deposition, Kirk pleaded the Fifth.)

Since the deposition, Alexander’s hatred of Turning Point USA has only grown.

snytiger6 9 Dec 28

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This is exactly how Americans are being radicalized toward domestic terrorism by right wing extremist websites. Turning Point USA is only one of many sources.


These people, when faced with their actions, always looking to shift responsibility to others.


I thought 45 organized it. He left transportation up to them but organized the rally and told them to fight like Hell. Alexander is a sub-organizer at best.

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