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This is a well written article in Al Jazeera about labeling the current Russian government ideology and structure.


Lorajay 9 Dec 28

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Sounds like that might have been the secret talks Putin and Trump had was Putin giving Trump the game plan he used so successfully. Since we know that Trump is incapable of reading a book, he had to be schooled on starting a dictatorship orally!


An interesting article. I'm not so sure about Mahatma Ghandi, he was a racist, he refused to share a cell with a black man when he was jailed in Pretoria. "

Leo Tolstoy: " To marry a woman from the upper classes is to swallow the whole poison of civilization." Later, he married a woman from the upper classes. Psychologists call this ambivalance, Thomas Szasz called it an instatiable desire for attention.

Another example ithat no one is all bad or all good.


@Lorajay I read somewhere that he use to sleep with his niece to test his sexual abstinence.

@ASTRALMAX that is mentioned in this article as well and that is creepy. Especially since she was too young to provide consent.

@Lorajay According to the number of scholarly articles and videos online it would appear that Mahatma Ghandi's background is far removed from the image painted in the movie that was made about him.

See the following video on Youtube, a lecturer by Dr. Velu Annamalai.

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