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LINK 16 Y.O. Who Knows Ancient Greek Challenges Her Sunday School Teacher's Bible Translation And Gets Kicked Out | Bored Panda

Not gonna lie, reading AITA (Am I the Asshole?) Reddit threads is a guilty pleasure of mine. This one is particularly pleasant. πŸ˜ƒ

Apunzelle 7 Dec 29

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Talk about a thanks to mom. Eh? Go along to keep the family together? Really mom? Why would you do this to your daughter if you loved her? If you therefore thought about her? My mom used to tell me the same thing about my terrorist younger brother so I sympathize. I hope this girl's story turns out to be a happy one but it's not likely in that part of this pathetic nation.


I'm sure that sunday school teacher sees her as Satan incarnate!


A good teacher learns from his/her students and has the courage to admit that they do not know something, if that is the case.

Been there, done that, been given presents by the students at the end of the year.

I looked forward to learning something, however small, from the students every time I taught a class.


I have no time for aggressive toxic mental midgets such as that "teacher".


Sickening child abuse.


Well that's good nothing wrong with getting kicked out of Sunday school, big win.

I have heard, only heard, because I am no Greek scholar myself. That the whole nativity story about there being no room in the inn, and Mary having to give birth in the stable. Is based on a mistranslation of the Greek word ( maybe kathistikΓ³ )which does not mean "inn" but "living room".

Suddenly, millennia of mythicism melt away; there was no room upstairs in the living/bed/cooking room but the livestock downstairs could nae say nay and had to move over while the little baby cheeses were churned out.

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