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Would you prefer that this site be more welcoming to religious people, or screen them out more effectively?

To religious people I say:

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skado 9 Jan 1

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since Admin has been missing for almost 3 years now, who do you think would undertake this totally unnecessary task?


They're not going to change any minds here and proselytizing gets soooooo old! I'd just as soon they'd go down to the corner and wave their warning signs.

And they would be another distraction we don't need. We have enough distractions of our own.


I like to be open-minded, but this is a safe haven for atheists and agnostics.


We’ve had this question posed before from time to time as I recall, but I can’t for the life of me understand why it keeps being asked. As has already been pointed out…Admin went AWOL some time ago, so who or how any welcoming or screening would be done is actually unclear. What exactly did you have in mind?


I get enough of them in the atheist groups on FB.


Yes please, I love to talk and debate with any opinion. But it also has to be kept in mind that this is a refuge for some people, so that while diversity is good for people like me, it should not be gained at the expense of making an unfriendly site to those who need the community, and the religious do have plenty of places of their own where they can find community.

Yes. At the beginning I was hard line against any religious people joining. Then 2 factors influenced me: how do we define religious, with so called secular religions and new age type faux religions? And second, some people may be evolving from religion and join to interact with people like us. So now I'm less hard line. But I certainly agree that religious zealots shouldn't be here as they have lots of avenues to feel self righteous about their one true religion.

@David1955 Indeed I quite agree, that is my possition exactly.


do i look like i need protection?


I do not care if they join, I like lively discussions, but they have to realize that their right to tell me what I have to do stops six inches from their lips.


Not sure that the question has any relevance as the administrator left the building some time ago. As far as I am aware religious people can join the site and there is no filter or rule that prevents them from doing so.


So now they'll get to invade yet another group that doesn't want them. Noooo thanks.


The "religious" is such a broad category of people, and I don't see a way to program them out of the site so it's a bit of a moot point.

I'm open to someone who's branching into nonbelief and looking for counsel, but I am surrounded by (and have to work around) the religious in every other aspect of my life, so I don't want to deal with that here. The glory of this site has always been that it's the one place where I don't have to compromise on what I say, and how I think, and I don't have to be patronized by a religious.


I have no problem with religious people. I just disagree with them about their religion. Unfortunately the Republican Party would be hard pressed to win an election without the support of the religious right.


I don't understand why that's a conversation you seek or that you might imagine we do. it's a dead horse.


I prefer they stay away. I don't need to try to convince them I'm right because I don't care whether they think I am or not.

Political debates are enough for me.


They have every right to join this site and the lack of an active Admin enables me and others to gang up, insult, use vulgarities about their beliefs and make them want to leave the site before they ever get to a level 4.


While the site may be more geared towards agnostics and skeptics, anyone should be welcomed regardless of their personal beliefs.

I believe that is in line with the owner’s intentions.


The creators of this site made it clear in the "About Us" section that this is not an anti-religious site.

Unity Level 7 Sep 14, 2023

I would be perfectly okay with welcoming religious people on the the site.
We can always block or ignore those whom we have problems with.
Personally I think engaging in respectful stimulating conversations in which the parties disagree can be beneficial for us all.
With love and respect being paramount

Unity Level 7 Sep 14, 2023

This is one of the most profound statements I've witnessed in a long time on this site.


I don’t care who belongs. I enjoy reading a variety of posts. But I don’t want to talk about religion. I dislike religion and there is nothing I can do to get rid of it. I see no point in trying to change anyone’s mind. Arguing with delusional people is a waste of time and effort. The less religion interjected into the conversation, the better.


not here. it should be easy enough to find that conversation elsewhere.


I welcome religious people. However, they always take offense when I point out all the logical fallacies that they use when claiming the existence of their particular god, and so they go away, as observed by @freedom41 .

See also @Fernapple's comment.


An old debate that always ends up about what we mean my religion and religious people - in other words, definitions. However we draw the line there are problems with it, so it's not worth the effort, and anyway the Admin has the authority here.


People who have commented bring up very good points. If we can start them on enlightenment that's fine, but if not they can take a hike.


Since the site has been abandoned by its creators, there is no way to do anything here but endure the takeover by progressive wokists who have no idea how real life workss.


Some wicked souls might contend that being agnostic is religious enough, but not I.

Build a temple of tolerance and they will come.

I will defend to the resurrection the right to an opinion that is not so inflammatory as to precipitate the pyres of perdition.

If we don't debate then we can't persuade or be persuaded.

No trinity's ever cited
Belief by bible folk
There are many here among us
Who know that cult is but a joke

And you and I have seen through that
Kismet is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
That Armageddon's late

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