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Universal question

Why are we here on earth???

thefuzzyfuzzy83 4 Apr 30

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Try reading "Everything All At Once" by Bill Nye. He covers that.


because that's where our parents were when we were born, and we haven't worked out how to leave yet.


There is actually a lot of serious discoveries lead by the big bang theory, on how the universe started to form as it was expanding. There are quite a few very interesting facts that show a delicate balance between what it is and what could have been (or not being at all) if several key events and ingredients (sort of speak) would have been just slightly different and that open a lot of questions for speculation just like the one that you have posed. The best answer I can offer for you is that what we know today is better than yesterday and science will keep working to make sure that what we will know tomorrow will be better than today....until the end of time

Actually the Universe has always been here.

@gater the analysis based on the fact that the universe is expanding indicates that yesterday was smaller and the day before smaller and all the way to (if my memory serves me well) the first 300 nanoseconds after the big bang where the mathematics break down and as of today no one know what happened just before that, so your guess is as good as mine. You say "the universe has always been there" and I am leaning towards it has been not. I can't prove you right as you can't prove me wrong either. The only thing we should agree on is that we all should keep discussing it

@IamNobody The Universe has always been here, and it does not expand. Objects in space move apart and some astrophysicists claim expansion - no - its just objects moving apart. Space by definition can not expand.

@gater you know the red and blue shift is real, right?... I am starting to think there is a conflict of interest here with your concept of eternal God perhaps? Sorry man, one of the possibilities is that it is expanding and will continue to do so until the last star has burned all its fuel and everything in the universe will be nothing but cold empty space with no hope for life anymore anywhere forever. That's the closest definition I can think of eternity but please if your thought process is some religious whatever then we can call it a day. I have no desire to convert you or no one. You are happy with a steady universe that doesn't expand and has been and will be forever then that's fine with me. One more thing before I wrap this up because the curiosity is getting the best of me now... You know the earth is not flat, right?


As far as I'm aware there were no other options fact, whether or not to be was not initially an option.


Well I don't know about you but I'm still waiting for my ride...

Do you have your towel?

@girlwithsmiles I always know where my towel is. It's a yellow one so that if I'm ever lost in the desert I can use it as a map.


Your reason will be found in your values. 😉


Because we aren't somewhere else


Because it's too bloody cold on Pluto....

Remember Pluto is no longer a planet

But it still exists and it's still bloody cold! 😉

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