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According to some US contributors the USA has the right without trial to murder & assassinate anyone anywhere in the world because it labels that person a terrorrist. Do you agree with their belief?

I am reminded that the USA was founded by the behaviour of terrorists. Behaviour that led to the revolution & so called war of independence eventually leading to the euphemistically called second civil war. In both cases the American based protagonists were "the terrorists". It is not surprising that Americans from the US do not consider themselves to be terrorrists - they have had hundreds of years practicing their denial & deception.

Just taken from another discussion thread:

Contributor 1: "Killing Soleimani was one of Trump's finest hours."
Contributor 2: " the TONS of articles where the U.S. declared Soleimani a terrorist? He was killed because he was a terriorist, not because he lived in Iran."
I responded :
"He was a serving officer of a country that USA has not declared war on. You labelling him terrorist simply means that yet again without government declaration nor open court trial enabling justice, the USA has peremptorily given itself the right to murder anyone anywhere in the world because it suits your perverted beliefs & ability to label someone".
"In case your Western media failed to report your protegé's announcement?"

FrayedBear 9 Jan 3

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America has god on their side, such a powerful ally gives them carte blanc to commit whatever atrocity they can imagine.
God cannot be judged , reasoned with with nor disobeyed.
The world must rejoice and bow to America.
America is gods enforcer on earth ever since the Romans morphed in to the catholic mafia errr church.
One dies wonder though , we have god, and America, so what completes the trinity?

Kurtn Level 7 Jan 4, 2023

I think you have your nations a bit confused.
Think Novichok and the many assassinations for which it has been used, starting with a poisoned umbrella tip and going on to the Salisbury, UK, murders as well as Litvinenko et al.


In house political murders do not have the same weight as murdering employees of foreign governments.


Yes, we DO have the right to kill terrorists anywhere in the world who pose a threat to security.

In the case of Soleimani, there is NO question that he and the military faction he commanded were well known terrorists.

We don't need (or even care) if you or anyone else, particularly you, agrees.

And if the ordinary people of the world return the opinion & start treating US tourists the same way?

@FrayedBear No ordinary person think as you do, so that will never be an issue.

@Alienbeing the law of averages suggests that about 4 billion people think as I do.
You forget that I'm a human being using the nom de guerre of a battle scarred animal. You are just an alienbeing."

@FrayedBear What is the "Law of Averages", and how could anythng having to do with such "law" assuming it actually exists, relate to anything you belch out?

You have reached a new moronic high!


Government employees shouldn't be allowed within 500 feet of a weapon.

Lol. They'd all have to be fitted with a scold's bridle from day one of employment.

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