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No wonder USA wants to have war with China at any cost. It reads like Libya all over again. What do you think?

The start of the petroyuan era?

China setting new world energy order – analyst []

FrayedBear 9 Jan 4

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China is a lucrative market for American" business interests" . The problem lies in the fact that China prefers to keep the profits of it's industry for it's own needs. It has no intention of becoming an American franchise where they have to pay fees to America.
America is just as determined to bring China under their domain.
So far Chins is winning on the economic front, but it is increasingly under attack via a propaganda war from the western allies and America.
Unless a comprehensive economic, trade and political treaty, or perhaps a bill of rights between the two nations be agreed upon, sometime in the future China will be forced to stop being bullied and fight back..
China is hinting with the subtly of a steam roller that its patience is ending. Is there anyone listening?

Seemingly not the desperate septic tanks. They are earless!

Or just deaf & #stupid.


China is no Libya, and US will lose more lives than in any war since WWW II and it will lose faster. China will fight with vengence for being called the "short yellow man of Asia" and it will use this chance to establish world dominance like the US did after bombing Japan. Syria, Africa, Iran will fight on China's side.

China is winning already, the hold the American trade by the short and curlies. If China demanded that America pay its debts then there would be no American economy left. Especialy if they (china) refused the FAUX money used in the western world today (US $ play money)

@Kurtn another reason for USA to go to war - it won't have to repay the debt.

@FrayedBear No but the warring parties have to pay each others reconstruction. Either way America gets the short end of the stick. Should war break out, it will be the end of the Masonic/Roman empire. The world will see the American States less the union

@Kurtn like the yanks paid Germany thing Jaan for the damage its bombs did? Or N Korea, Cambodia & Vietnam? They couldn't even find the pilot of the plain that killed all the people in the Italian ski car guilty of negligent & dangerous flying.
You've also only got to look at all their diplomats claiming immunity & the crimes they have committed but not stood trial for.

@Kurtn and you've only got to look at how they've frozen stolen or otherwise withheld the funds of countries that they are not even at war with in pursuit of they're bullying behaviour..


I wonder what will happen when nuclear fusion becomes commercially cracked?
It is already at 10% excess of output over input. At 30% it would be a viable commercial operation. At 40% the fossil fuel producers will be having to discount prices heavily.
China currently has to import oil, so China would happily tell Russia to piss off.

Comparatively speaking China is already paying bugger all % of nothing.


USA does not want war with China. What makes you think that? Because it was posted on RT? Oh. That makes it official.

AUKUS, Pine Gap, Taiwan, 20,000 marines in NTAustralia along with US nuke bombers & visiting warships all make me think along with the size of its debt to China. Foreclosure would bankrupt the USA. . . It would synchronise with some of your ideas - bankrupt.

@FrayedBear Debt to China? China invested in US Treasury Notes. I guess you could say that's debt to China.

@barjoe most of your ilk will call it a gift to be sequestered if not outright stolen when the USA declares war.


The U.S. has no desire to go to war with China. If you had even a tiny bit of insight you would know that we have a deep aversion to a war in Asia.

Your knowledge gets worse by the day.

Russian Stooge.

I think he's getting a pension from Putin.

@Petter what a great idea Petter - it's probably better than the Australian one.

@Petter, @Barjoe, @Alienbeing. That must be because of reports like these out of USA influencing local sycophantic media & politicians?



@FrayedBear You obviously don't know the difference between being prepared for war verses wanting war.

Your ignorance is amazing.

@Alienbeing I don't recall any poetry on the subject of being prepared for war versus poems wanting war.

In most cases American "prepared for war" is itself a provocation & open threat to those that the USA deems to be a conflict to its desire for world hegemony under its dictatorship & #stupidity.

@FrayedBear "poetry"??? Haven't your nurses been giving you your meds?

We and our allies won WW2. We gave Japan back to Japanese self government without any pressure from anyone. That alone proves we have no desire to be a dictatorship.

You obviously have no knowledge of history.

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