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LINK The Hidden Wildlife Refuge In the Shadow Of NASA's Space Centre | Our World - YouTube

Nature and space. This is 20th century so not in hi-def but well done. The location is 50 mi/80km from me. I love the Roseate Spoonbills.

If you visit central Florida it is worth visiting, most of it is seen via your car but there are some pleasant walks around the visitor center. The Florida coastline is highly developed, this is a wonderful exception.

MizJ 8 Jan 7

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True, as mamy Floridians know.


Every week I get so many gorgeous photos from my friend the wildlife photographer from Melbourne Beach. Some day I want to go down there and see them for myself.

The wildlife refuge is wonderful for photographing birds as it is both a stop for migration and a winter destination.

There is a stretch of coastline between Melbourne Beach and Sebastian that is not highly developed, some of it is protected land, some parks. I take the extra time to go there when I need beach time so I don't have to see many other humans.

You should make the trip!

@MizJ My friend walks and rides her bike through a preserve there every morning. She's very careful, of course, of the alligators. It looks so beautiful.

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