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I don't blame them one bit for feeling that way, and Ms Hudson's decision made sense...

Gun sales for minorities in the United States have been surging for quite a while now. While the popular image of gun ownership continues to be older white dudes, the reality is very, very different.

More and more gun owners are women and many of those are black or Hispanic.

So why are some of them buying firearms?

SpikeTalon 9 Jan 9

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Because democrat ran cities are crime ridden drug slums. People want to protect themselves.

Oh, I see but wouldn't that imply that previous high rates of gun ownership in white rural areas mean that those places were ALREADY unsafe places? I mean if gun sales directly correlate to high crime...?

@273kelvin Show me how higher gun sales lead to higher crimes. The data shows that areas with lower gun sales have higher crime. New York, LA, Chicago, etc.

@CourtJester I am not saying gun sales are a result of high crime...You are.
"Because democrat ran cities are crime-ridden drug slums. People want to protect themselves."

Seems fitting though

@CourtJester But if we follow your own logic ie people in Dem-run cities are buying guns because they are afraid, then you acknowledge that fear is a major factor in gun sales. So, by that same token fear must have been the factor that drove previous sales in Rep-run rural areas. This is your logic, not mine

Seems like a very narrow thought process there. It is to be expected though.
Simply because particular areas purchase out of fear doesn't mean that all areas are purchasing out of fear. That being the case though, a lot of local politicians could reduce gun sales simply by doing the job that they were put in place to do.

@CourtJester Okay, so why else would someone buy a gun if not for fear? ...aggression? ...penis envy? or do you really need that AR-15 to hunt ducks?


Hunting, protection, trap shooting, sporting clays, short and long range target competition.

Who do those without guns call when shit goes sideways? Someone with a gun. Right? Why not have your own and learn how to safely use it just in case.

And it’s illegal in ever state in the country to hunt ducks with a rifle or handgun. You should learn a bit before you try to argue a point that you can’t support.
The constitution doesn’t mention hunting either.

@CourtJester "Who do those without guns call when shit goes sideways? " Er well, in my case the cops and erm, they won't have a gun either (their choice)

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