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In view of the drama over both Trump and Biden still in possession of classified documents that should have been turned in are we sure that this never happened before? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if many other politicians are guilty of this since there doesn't seem to a system in place to make sure all classified documents are turned in. A system of accountability of documents needs to be created to make sure this doesn't happen again. That is the real news story that needs to be covered.

ClassicalRebel 5 Jan 11

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I think it’s beautiful. The same man that pissed and moaned about Trump’s neglect for having classified documents locked up in a safe in his home, now has classified documents in a closet and didn’t even have the authority to take classified documents as the Vice President at the time.

Think we’ll get an FBI ride on this one too????

Can't help but notice until this supposed 'bombshell', after drump's raid becuase he refused requests, demands, and subpeonas, you were Very quiet.
Gives me hope than when it turns out Biden's were planted by your ilk, that you will slink away forever

Hahahah. but biden was just the vice president when he took the documents. He wasn't authorized to take classified material. Trump was authorized as president, the same way that it's okay for Obama to have a warehouse in Chicago full of classified documents for his Presidential Library. The vice president doesn't have that right.


That the 1787 Constitution was kept a secret for fifty years surprised me.

That during those decades no presidents took copies of it would surprise me more.


We have that and it, apparently, isn’t working. Someone may have planted Biden’s documents, though. So far there’s no proof or evidence he put them there.

Haven’t you heard how things have been handled for the past six years. The democrat mantra is guilty until proven innocent.

@CourtJester That's the female mantra, though men also make this mistake, and it's on both sides. Innocent until proven guilty is the subplot of To Kill A Mockingbird (written by a female) so it's been with us for a while.

I was thinking. same thing. Garages can't be terribly difficult to break into for a team of Trumpy plumbers.


I'm sorry, haven't you heard? Republicans are not in favor of accountability and are taking the necessary steps to eliminate it so that they don't get caught doing what they fully intend to do.



As I understand it, the number of "classified" documents churned out by Washington is mind numbing. Got the most bloated "security" bureaucracy the world has ever seen, as long as that's the case, nothing will change.

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