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I usually have a few more babies as snacks than this schedule.

pilotinho 3 Jan 12

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I gave up eating babies when I became a vegetarian. When I began eating fish and fowl again--but not cows or pigs--babies didn't fit into either fish or fowl category, so I did not resume my diet of babies.

Me too. =0}

@Mooolah we should have dinner some time as we share the same diet!

@Gwendolyn2018 I might start adding squirrel to my diet if I can't get them out of my soffits.

@Mooolah squirrels are plotting to take over the world and become our overlords. I have been spreading this news for 24 years, but no one takes me seriously.

And when I was a wee bairn in in Oklahoma, we ate squirrels--and rabbits, but never possums or raccoons.

I had no idea what a "soffit" is, so thanks for expanding my vocabulary.

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