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The Christian Right (fascist Nationalists) may have felt a tinge chastened by the defeat of Nazi Germany. They received encouragement from Reagan and Falwell leading to them coming out from under their rocks.


This reminds me of a quote by Greta Christina, that “Atheists don’t have to say anything to offend the religious. We merely have to exist.”

Or Sam Harris’ observation that if Islam is true, then Atheists are the worst type of moral monsters because our teachings put the eternal salvation of Muslims at risk who may be seduced by it.

Therefore, the religious freedoms and health of both communities are being threatened by the option of unbelief we represent.

Probably only a matter of time before a religionist argues this or something like it in a court of law in an attempt to criminalize Atheism.

Saw this today

@OldMetalHead Islam is a religion of piece. If you blaspheme Allah you will end up in pieces.

@NostraDumbass Allah is gay

@CourtJester There’s an “Allah is Gay—Rainbow Kaaba” T-shirt. You could mix’n match it with your Trumpwear Collection.

I have a rainbow sticker on my motorcycle trailer.

It has a Harley symbol on it because I don’t like Harley’s.

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