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TheoryNumber3 8 Jan 14

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Wonder what he did to get him in this situation.


You can thank Dan Rather for broadcasting from the seawall in Galveston during a hurricane for weather people taking chances trying to get their big break. Few do. I've always wanted to see an on scene reporter do this.


That's hysterical - perhaps because so much of it is what we're privately thinking when we see weatherman stunts. I got curious and looked it up: this is just a spoof and “Ryan Marshall” is actually a comedian named John Crist. I'm kind of disappointed because I'd actually watch the weather if they talked like that.

Aww I'm disappointed too. Weather reports are ridiculous. We can look out our own window and SEE the weather.

@TheoryNumber3 Exactly! I find it particularly irksome when they're telling us to take shelter while they're standing outside in a storm/hurricane.


I can't tell if this exchange was planned between him and the studio anchors or not. Either way, it's hilarious!

dkp93 Level 8 Jan 15, 2023

Perhaps a warm jacket with a hood and a pair of gloves might have resulted in the usual kind of weather report. He probably wondered why he was standing there freezing his ass off while his colleagues were sitting in a warm studio.

I think that was the whole point.


OMG! HAHAHAHA! If this is for real I can't believe this aired. AND does he still have a job?

Lol! I don’t watch News 7 but I’ll look for him to see if he still has a job. 😂

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