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Back in the day…

skado 9 Jan 18

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Price of toliet paper and egg wars is so expensive now days. Only governments can afford it, but, do you think they would trade to lower costs? I mean, infantry tossing toliet paper rolls instead of grenades. Planes dropping eggs instead of explosive bombs. It would have to be cheaper, and less lives lost. What's the worst that could happen, someone get a little egg on their face?

Word Level 8 Jan 20, 2023

Ya know, I hoarded toilet paper before it became "popular." I won't run out for months and months.

Eggs . . . I can take them or leave them.

so, having them in one basket wouldn't bother you too much?

@hankster wellllll . . . if I paid for them, I would still want to eat them!

(And a brilliant reply, my man--brilliant!)

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