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Die for your beliefs?

If a person who has a different faith than yours were to hold a gun to your head and demand that either you convert to his/her faith or die, what would you choose? Let's assume that these are the only two options.

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Spongebob 7 Apr 30

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This is an interesting question. We are a pragmatic bunch who naturally want to live but know we are dealing with a gun wielding fanatic. We know there is no reasoning with him so it's best just to humour him.


I put live. Some things are worth dieing for though.

Tejas Level 6 May 1, 2018

I'd tell whatever lie the crazy person with the gun wanted to hear to get them to go away.


One the person with the gun is gone, I'd go back to non-belief again... not that I'd have ever really believed to begin with.


Living for sure


I would convert, but behind my back l would have my fingers crossed. ?


I would lie to live.


I'd lie like a televangelist!

Deb57 Level 8 May 1, 2018

A belief is just a thought. My thoughts change all the time. Why die for a thought? I've read a few times that soldiers on the front lines often have the thought "Why am I killing these other people? I have no beef with them."

I would not risk my life or kill anyone else over a thought. Kill others because our economic system is 'better' than theirs? Because their beliefs are different than mine? Not for me thanks. Mankind has been killing each other over beliefs over millennia. I hope that will change some day.

Is it possible that ideas/beliefs that have adherents who are willing to die/kill for their beliefs prosper at the expense of other beliefs?

@srikanth Can you give me an example?

@AwarenessNow All the major religions today have asked their followers to fight to death for the cause of religion. Nationalism also is an example I think. More interestingly consider Buddhism. Flourished in India until the Muslims invaded. More recently, Buddhists have been turning violent against ethnic minorities in srilanka and Myanmar. In Srilanka, they claim that Muslims are a threat to their religion.
In summary, most nations today have people ready to kill and die for them. So did most religions and some still do. So, it might be a feature of successful myths and beliefs that they always have a proportion of ready to kill/die for them.

@srikanth Yes, that's the problem with belief. They have to be justified, defended and that can lead to hatred, violence.


Many of us have had to openly pretend for some spans of our lives anyways, so I'd probably default to live first.

However, I could see a situation where I would be like Socrates when there may be a more important purpose to me dying.

Also, it could be a good chance to openly illustrate how bad religion can be... although I'd hate to have to be the one under the gun to do so.


Always choose can always change your mind later.



in this case they don't really care if you actually believe or not. One can not be forced to believe what they know not to be true. They in this case only want you to pretend to believe what you do not believe. So to live I would simply put on a good show.

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