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LINK Why did a Texas community college donate land to a private Christian school?

Why did the taxpayer-funded Weatherford College, a community college in Texas, donate “39 acres” of land, six buildings, and a “large parking lot” to a private Christian institution? That’s the question the Freedom From Religion Foundation wants to know because they believe that transfer is unconstitutional.

Over a year ago, Weatherford College donated its entire School of Cosmetology to Community Christian School. The old cosmetology school was located at Fort Wolters Army Air Base, a bit of a drive from the main campus, but it moved to a different building on campus last year, freeing up all that space. In November, Weatherford College agreed to just give all that land to the Christian school; they apparently received nothing in return.

At the new site [of the Christian school], a $1.2 million remodeling of the 49,000-square-foot main building is the next focus, and the school is seeking donations for that mission.

“We have an architect and contractors ready to go,” [Head of School Doug] Jefferson said. “We need money. God gave us the property, God will give us the money.”

Except God didn’t give them the property. Trustees at a government-funded college did. Which is why, in December, FFRF attorney Chris Line requested all public records involving the transfer.

(I'd say this is like government endorsement of a particular religion, and is unconstitutional.)

snytiger6 9 Jan 20

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Govt land in Texas was used for religious gain? I'm surprised Texas is still able to say it's part of our Union so little surprises me about it. How many ways can one say Abbott is a dick who can't use his dick? This intertwining with Christianity is not new for Texas, however. Abbott is just more brazen about it and likes the attention paid to him over it.

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