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LINK Supreme Court Report Sparks Suspicions About Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito -- Newsweek

The U.S. Supreme Court said that its probe was unable to identify who leaked the draft opinion of the Dobbs decision last summer, but its conclusion has sparked some suspicions that the investigation failed to vet the justices on the bench.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court released an unsigned statement concluding that it was unable to determine the identity of the individual responsible for the leak or provide an explanation as to how the draft ended up in the hands of Politico.

In May, Politico reported that in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, the Supreme Court was prepared to overturn the landmark ruling in Roe v. Wade—a report corroborated by a draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito that the outlet published.

The leak, and the subsequent decision to roll back abortion rights across the U.S., sent shockwaves across the country, prompting nationwide protests, triggering renewed threats aimed at the justices and upending the midterm elections.

But while the court was unable to find the person behind the leak that rocked Washington, Twitter users questioned whether some of the more conservative justices were investigated in the inquiry.

"They definitely did not interview the justice that leaked this," journalist Sydney Bauer tweeted on Thursday.

A number of social media users speculated that it was Alito who leaked his own opinion, while others suggested that it was disclosed to Politico by Justice Clarence Thomas.
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Trial lawyer Max Kennedy tweeted that Thursday's conclusions brought up the likelihood that the leak came from "the Alito/Thomas camp" from 95 percent to over 99 percent, while Liberal Current Editor-in-Chief Adam Gurri said the report "almost guaranteed" that one of the conservative justices on the bench were responsible for the leak.

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Just don't get the attitude that doing the right thing doesn't apply to oneself, I'll never be a christian or a republican I guess.

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