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LINK Proud Boys 'Rule Book' Revealed in Trial Sparks Flurry of Jokes, Mockery -- Newsweek

The far-right Proud Boys group faced a wave of jokes and mockery on Monday over the contents of a "rule book" that began receiving attention during the sedition trial for five members.

Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio, Joe Biggs, Dominic Pezzola, Zachary Rhel and Ethan Nordeen are on trial for rarely-used seditious conspiracy charges over their alleged involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. Their own seditious conspiracy trial comes several weeks after the founder and another leader in a separate far-right group, the Oath Keepers, were convicted of seditious conspiracy for their roles in the Capitol attack.

Additionally, a Washington D.C. jury delivered seditious conspiracy convictions for another four Oath Keepers on Monday in another major win for the Justice Department as it continues work to hold January 6 participants to account, the Associated Press reported.

The ongoing trial for Tarrio and the other four Proud Boys kicked off last week with opening statements and is expected to last at least several weeks. As the trial was set to resume, Politico reporter Kyle Cheney reported on Twitter Monday that Pezzola was asking the judge to block prosecutors from introducing a Proud Boys rule book seized from his home as evidence.

Cheney shared a full copy of the rule book's contents, providing a close look into some of the inner workings of the controversial group. The book details mandatory toasts "to guns" and "to the housewives" during group gatherings, as well as outlines parameters on how and how often members can masturbate.

"A Proud Boy may not ejaculate alone more often than once every thirty days. That means he must abstain from pornography during that time and if he needs to ejaculate it must be within one yard of a woman with her consent. The woman may not be a prostitute," the document reads.

Pezzola's lawyer described the document as "sarcastic," according to Cheney, but this did not stop the rule book's contents from becoming the subject of mockery on Twitter.
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The Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer described the rules as "wild" in a tweet on Monday morning. Journalist Joshua Frank tweeted that it was "something else."

"Some of the proud boy rules from their handbook are... interesting," the Mueller, She Wrote Twitter account posted Monday while sharing certain excerpts from the document.

Another Twitter user, @scarlettburlyq, tweeted that the rule book is "the most unhinged thing I've seen on Twitter in days, and that's saying a lot!"

Newsweek reached out to a lawyer for Pezzola for comment.

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Proud Boys are crazy, but more anal than I thought.

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