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LINK Pulled over, beat up & arrested, by Burbank Police FOR WHAT??! These cops have some explaining to do - YouTube

The police stopped him, wrestled him to the ground, put him in handcuffs, searched his car and forced him to spend a night in jail and couldn't tell him why and yet they are still trying to force him to pay a price. That's justice in America.

redbai 8 Jan 27

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I restrained myself today from my usual stroll through "America's Most Shameful Cops Today" tour. The Tyre Nichols story has my stomach seriously sick and I'm not at all, able to watch the videos just released. The audio was traumatizing. He was calling for his Mom. Just like George Floyd. 😢😢😰 That just tears me up.

But as I was logging in here, I happened upon my bookmark that saves these things (automatically) and in the past 5 days, there were 9 of these stories, 9 out of 27, that were more egregious (I can't believe I categorize police brutality in such a casual way) than the others. I could've posted 9. I literally did take a puke-pill. 🤢 It's too much. It's been too much for way too long. 😢


This man needs a lawyer! This has civil right violation written all over it. 😡


Blatant kidnapping.


Welcome to the lawlessness of the Land of the Free.

Well, they are free to shoot each other.


We need to...

Overturn Terry vs. Ohio.

Go back to the original interpretation of the 4th amendment. (This would require a victim for a crime)

Ditch the concept of law enforcement.

End qualified immunity.

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