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Pro-Trump Florida man gets absurdly light sentence after admitting to bona fide voter fraud

"Apparently, if you’re a white Republican who clumsily commits voter fraud in America, you get a slap on the wrist. Maybe a kiss, too. And possibly even a corsage—assuming Donald Trump thinks you’re hot enough to be seen in public with him."

"You’ll recall last year when four residents of The Villages—a GOP redoubt in the fever swamps of Florida and the largest retirement community in the world—were accused of committing in-person voter fraud of the sort that’s vanishingly rare everywhere in the U.S. but The Villages, apparently."

"Well, they’ve all now copped to the crime, and it appears that cheating in elections isn’t a big deal when you’re on the white side—erm, right side—of history. John Rider, a 62-year-old Villages resident, recently admitted to his crime as part of a pretrial intervention program that will conveniently keep him out of prison, where he might have encountered one or two individuals with marginally less zeal for Dear Leader than he has."

"His sentence? Fifty hours of community service. But apparently the community work was not to his liking—probably something like ladling out soup in a homeless shelter instead of squeegeeing the Adderall-and-Yoo-hoo paste off Trump’s heaving bosom at 4 AM each day, which is what he really longed to do—so he’s planning to “buy out” the 50 hours at $10 per hour. So, yeah, a $500 fine for real-ass intentional voter fraud."

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Now, compare that article to this one:

Crystal Mason Thought She Had The Right to Vote. Texas Sentenced Her to Five Years in Prison for Trying.

Crystal Mason is an African-American woman who was convicted of attempting to cast a vote while on federal supervised release during the 2016 United States presidential election.

Mason committed tax fraud by inflating returns for her clients as a tax preparer, a crime for which she was arrested and pled guilty in 2011 and was sentenced in 2012. She was released after completing her sentence in 2016, and decided to vote in the 2016 election after being encouraged by her mother.


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Of course he got a light sentence, he's an old White man,and a Trumpetter..and he lives in DeSantastan..


I hope someone steals the $500. We are unofficially a lawless nation until 45 is tried.

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