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glennlab 10 Feb 16

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And here I thought it was secret CODE.....


So you have got your little ducks to swim in a line. Well done.

Cute little swimmers.

Not realistic. Baby ducks do not swim by themselves. You forgot to put a mother duck in front.


Ah, I see. Gathered it was a test post after the recent post in the Senate group. No host(s) for these type of posts, but someone must be moderating posts (at least somewhat anyways) for the general feeds though.

I had to test to make sure I was correct, and before I could delete it , two people had already commented on it, so I just left it up since anyone that had already been notified of the post would still be able to see it and comment on it.


I disagree--it's actually 3333333333333333333333333.

The number shall not be four, nor may it be two.

@PondartIncbendog therefore, to keep the deadly rabbit at bay and not blow yourself up, count to 3.


Sorry, I meant to delete the post after checking to make sure that there was no moderator or host, now that y'all have responded, it'll stay in the rotation even if I delete it.
@Garban @organist1

Sorry, I thought you might being having an issue with your other shoulder and was typing with your feet.😉

Thanks Glenn, I know I started this.

@Garban TOE TYPING??? Is there no end to Glenn's talents?

@pamagain he’s one in a trillion, thank goodness. 😉


Are you butt texting?


Tutu! 😉

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