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LINK Why Are Doctors Quitting? This Physician Says They Are Demoralized | Amanpour and Company - YouTube

Dr's have been a big part of why we don't have Socialized Medicine. That might be boomeranging on them and, therefore, changing. The idiot interviewer states The ACA is SM but that's untrue. Completely. It might have been close if we had the Public Option but Obama gave that up in order to get something. What we've got has created misinformation and belief over what's covered and how by insurance. I don't blame Dr's, or Nurses, from leaving after how they've been treated but Dr's asked for the problems of capitalism.

rainmanjr 8 Feb 21

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I disagree in the basic premise of the 'problem.' To me it's not about health care, per se, but the more and more specialization needed by doctors and the problems with malpractice insurance. The biggest problem, which socialized medicine hopes to remedy, is the increasing number of patients. The increasing cost of med. school (and often then having to get more education for a specialized field) has made this field one of extreme costs. The increasing number of patients only adds to the strain. In addition the constraints put on the medial staff from the insurance companies means a huge, up-front expense and then long hours of work. More doctors are thinking twice about getting into the field of dealing with patients. A lot are getting into research. This was the experience of my son-in-law and he constantly complained about the problems he had to deal with.

You may be right. Thanks for the comment.


The problem is not confined to America!
Australia we see doctors lost to the system through Covid .Disregard the issue of both for and against vaccination, the fact that remains that medical staff where not able to go to work through the lockdown and forced vaccination mandates. This has put a greater strain on the doctors and all medical staff and services that remained .
The governments medicare is so poorly funded that doctors Clinics are closing because they can no longer offer no/ low cost care. What business can stay open when the owner has to subsidise each patients care out of their own pocket??
The system as a whole is built upon a house of cards, Each States health care system, sets the time a doctor has to see his/ her patient, usably 15 minute consults only. They are paid (on contract) to see X number of patients a day.
There is no time for the Doctor to read progress notes and to relate to the patient and discover their present issues.
The Henry ford production line model has been updated in all industries bar the health care.
No matter how well meaning and keen a practitioner may be, doctors here are governed by a bureaucracy that dictates what is prescribed to whom, going on demographic data.
Failure to comply to any department of health "standard" will see a loss of contract, possible disciplinary action or even deregulation as a GP.
To summarise our GP's dare not treat their patients as individuals rather than a statistic to be mollified and have to work to such punishing conditions that changing careers is an alternative many are now facing.
These issues existed long before Covid, so little weight can be attributed to it directly, it has however highlighted and forced the issue into the open. GP's and talking and uniting now.

Oh well, then.

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