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Religious friends keep sending me religious text?

I’ve noticed every time she send me a text message, she can’t say anything without mentioning her Christian religion or needing to remind me how Jesus loves me. She knows I don’t believe in Jesus Christ and she still sends messages like that. What should I do? I’ve mostly been ignoring her text messages cause I don’t want her to think she’s getting the best of me, but telling me something like that is like saying Edward Cullens love you. I’m convinced these are all acts of attempted manipulation, but I could be wrong. Tell me what you guys think. Leave your thoughts below.

EmeraldJewel 7 May 1

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You did say she was a friend, which means you should be free to express your feelings, and thoughts. You said you have only ignored the messages instead of being honest to assertively say the messages bothered you, right? Also, she may be doing it out of habit to some extent if she talks Jesus to everyone. So give her the benefit of the doubt, and speak up and tell her that it DOES bother you, and ask that she try to stop. Friends like to cooperate and avoid doing annoying things, right? So she deserves the chance to be asked and to try. Problem solved. But if she refuses, or soon falls back into the same annoying pattern, no matter how well meaning from her point of view, then she was not a friend in the first place. You have thousands of other people as possible friends.


She doesn't respect you....and respect among friends should be always present.

I’m picking her off my friends list.


When you end an email, tell her that Satan loves her. When she complains tell her that you will stop when she does.


She obviously doesn’t respect you. Is that a real friend? Tell her, don’t ask her, to knock it off. If she doesn’t, say goodbye.

Iffy Level 5 May 2, 2018

She’s not a friend anymore.

@EmeraldJewel being an atheist can get pretty lonely sometimes especially in the Bible Belt.

@Iffy yes very much so.


Simply ask her to stop.

I agree if she is a caring adult she will stop.


Make an appointment to meet her and turn up with a colander on your head and a faraway look in your eye. Waffle on about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and how His touching you with his noodly appendage has changed your life. Offer to take her to meet the local FSM group and have spaghetti etc. etc.
See how she likes it.
Alternatively, tell her to fuck off!

Athos Level 5 May 1, 2018

Tell her what you just told us. Tell her to stop messaging you Jesus crap. You do not share your Atheist crap with her so she should stop sending Jesus texts to you.

I’m doing that right now.


Start sending her my patented "Heathen Pic of the Day" with images like the ones below 😉

HAHAHAHA baby pics and 99% atheist. hahaha

Lol I like that!


start posting documentaries debunking her religion and jesus. when you educate the christers, the trash takes itself out.


It's harassment. But the good news is the bible gives you plenty of material to throw right back.

Do you actually think a person whose mind has been dominated will be affected by that material in the bible?

@DUCHESSA I'm guessing you've never heard of trolling.

@Malara And I am guessing you don't know how to answer my question.


Just make the following quote:

“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”-Lao Tzu


Next time she says it you could reply with "I couldn't care less" if there's one thing that annoys theists it's apathy.

Lol I will try that.


If nothing else, I’d gradually put more and more distance between the friend and me.


You not wrong, it is manipulative. Even people who do this to everyone they talk to, are being manipulative.


If you have asked her not to do that then It is a form of mild abuse. Trying to guilt you into questioning your non belief. It is at the very least annoying and disrespectful.
I had a couple friends continue to try to talk Jesus to me after I came out as atheist. I told them I like them and would like to continue being friends and talking with them but they would need to stop with the Jesus tal and the guilting because it was not going to work, that it has the opposite effect on me. They got the message and we still talk so that is what worked for me.


Call her out. Say something like....

You - "Do I treat you with respect?"

Her - "Yes. Always why?"

You - "I feel disrespected when you give me of your faith, especially when you know I'm an atheist"

Her - "I'm sorry. I never thought of that"

You - "That's OK. Please respect my atheism the way I respect your faith".

This might not work thought 😟


She's trying to "save" you. She's pretty much telling you that you are lost and misguided and destined to burn in hell...........unless she can show you the error of your ways.

She’s a victim of mind control.

@EmeraldJewel I could be wrong, but it's just my interpretation. Aren't most if not all religious people a victim of mind control/indoctrination?

@Piece2YourPuzzle yes.


It will continue until you take actions to discourage it. If it offends you (it would me), say so. It can be done politely... or NOT. Whatever it takes.


I had an auto body shop guy who is a leader of some yahoo sect. Once he fixed my car, and when I got it back, there were fliers everywhere. In the console, under the seats, between the seats, under the floor mats... I pulled down my visor and got a flier shower. I just laughed, and then burned them. People expect you to respect their beliefs, but they need to respect yours too. If they don't, they're probably not worth it.


find new friends.

I am. She’s been picked off.


Yes she is being manipulative. I would end my texts with something cryptic like "Freud forgives you" just to confuse her (but that's my sense of humour ?)


Hmmm this sounds like this could be a tough one , your friend sounds lime the type that breathes,drinks,and eats her religion, in other words just can't stop mentioning it!, one thing you can Is to ask or say look im well aware your religious but honestly it isnt necessary to say Jesus loves me in your texts to me, i mean its like your deliberately doing it to annoy or put me down. Just try and say it in a way where it isnt offensive and it turns into a mountain

I’ll start sending scriptures where Jesus talked about hating family members in order to be his disciple.

@EmeraldJewel very good idea


She's no friend. Friends accept you as you are, and don't try to manipulate you into agreeing with them. She doesn't respect you, or your beliefs. She thinks she's better than you because she believes and you don't.
If it were me, I'd cut her off with no remorse.

I blocked her.

@EmeraldJewel Good for you! I'm willing to bet that you have other friends who don't treat you like that. Those are the kind worth keeping.


People like your friend never make to my cell contacts.


Have you asked her nicely but firmly to stop including religious things in her texts to you? If not, I would let her know that you’d like her to refrain from any religious talk because you’re not interested in hearing about it

I’ve let her know before that she was too pushy.

@EmeraldJewel A friend should respect your boundaries. I would let her know that she needs to cut it out or you can’t be her friend


Family will do the same thing... damn.

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