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Is anyone else having problems with the email system on this site? The emails I send just vanish.

TheoryNumber3 8 Feb 26

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How did you fix it?


Yes, that’s been happening to me as well.


Imagine all those nudes I must’ve missed 😂😂

Hang on... more to follow 🙂

@TheoryNumber3 haha! Sounds like they won’t come through, have to send them to my snap instead!

@TheoryNumber3 you’ll need my snap I suppose. It’s: umeandhim


@antman I'm not sure what you're referring to. Is that Snapchat or something? Cause I don't know a thing about it.

@TheoryNumber3 yes. Snapchat.


Changing your DNS Server can make significant difference in the speed at which websites load. A search online will give you a list of the nearest and fastest DNS Servers. The information in the following link in Tom’s Hardware will be known to the more tech-savvy on this site:



Yeah, a couple of times there was some disappearing messages. I was contacted via facebook about a message on this site that I never responded to. Well I'd never gotten it. Even if someone isn't on your list of friends you can still message with them.
I hope the situation gets fixed, I really like this site and would miss not checking in daily.


It is also a good idea to flush the DNS server from time to time which may resolve a few online issues.

Bottom left in Windows 10 type CMD and look up the menu and see Command Prompt, right click on it and chose Run as administrator and it will open a black window (Command Shell). Type in ipconfig/flushdns and hit enter then close the window and reboot your pc.

Oh WOW! You make it sounds so easy. I'm a technophobe. I can flush the toilet, but I can't be trusted to flush the DNS server. I always screw it up something up when I go into the settings. I'll have to have Geek Squad do it 🙂

@TheoryNumber3 Its really simple if you follow the instructions and it protects against a number of potential issues, however, if you are afraid to do it then ask Geek Squad. Windows 10 has built in maintenance tools. If you pluck up the courage you can easily set up a maintenance schedule on your pc where it will do it for you. See following link. []

@ASTRALMAX Thanks. I'll take a look!! Is this what you're talking about? []


I wondered why you hadn't contacted me. 🤣😂😁

Nah... that was intentional 🙂


In the online world they have been in a state collision detection and collision avoidance before transmission into the virtual void where the bytes are reduced to bits and reassembled on delivery. Just techno speak for data transmission online.

Ok, if you say so 🙂

@TheoryNumber3 After an online search I managed to find the website domain registration and a few other details, I believe Anglophone initiated some inquires. 🙂


Someone was saying a work around was deleting all previous messages then using the message function on the profile page, I haven't tried that yet, so I can't verify it works

I'm reluctant to delete any messages. But I will try sending from the profile page.Thanks.

I thought about that and maybe it would make a slight improvement on the site, however, maintenance on the server is long overdue.

@TheoryNumber3 If you would like to keep your messages there is no reason why you could not copy and past them into a word document and save it, however, that could take some time, depending on the number of messages.

@ASTRALMAX That's a good idea. Thanks, Max


It was very sluggish a few months ago. It may be dead now.


There was another post about that this morning, from @Antman. I have not noticed it, but i always figure people have lives outside of so I rarely expect replies in any given time. Just another symptom of the neglect of @Admin our creator.

The emails I wrote didn't even show up in my email threads. So my apologies to anyone who didn't get my responses. Just wanted you to know I'm not being rude. At least this time 🙂

Well, it’s a free app and probably requires a lot of server space so maybe the bills aren’t being paid.

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