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LINK Common sweetener erythritol tied to higher risk of stroke and heart attack

(My own personal rule is that humans did not evolve easting highly processed foods or chemicals, and therefore I consider foods that falls into those categories to be unhealthy.)

Researchers investigated the link between the common artificial sweetener erythritol and cardiovascular risk.
They found that erythritol is linked to increased cardiovascular risk.
Further studies are needed to confirm the results. 

Individuals with metabolic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and obesity are often advisedTrusted Source to consume products that replace sugars with artificial sweeteners to improve blood sugar levels and facilitate weight loss.

However, there are no long-term clinical trials examining the safety of most sweeteners. Some studies suggest that certain sweeteners may be linked to weight gain, cardiovascular diseaseTrusted Source, and type 2 diabetesTrusted Source.

Erythritol is a commonly used artificial sweetener. Although naturally present in small amounts in fruits and vegetables, it is often added to processed foods in 1,000 times higher quantities.

While some studies show that erythritol may have antioxidant effects in animal modelsTrusted Source of diabetes, others show that it may be linked to increased weight gain in college students, and to the onset of type 2 diabetesTrusted Source.

Further study of the effects of erythritol on cardiometabolic risk could inform healthful dietary practices.
‘A convincing argument’

Recently, researchers examined the link between erythritol consumption and cardiovascular risk.

They found that erythritol consumption increases cardiovascular risk, including the risk of a heart attack or stroke, thrombosis (blood clotting), and death related to a cardiovascular event.

The results appear in NatureTrusted Source.

Dr. John Alan Galat, a cardiac surgeon with Novant Health in Charlotte, NC, not involved in the study, commented about its findings to Medical News Today. According to him:

“This article [makes] a convincing argument that one of the more common sugar substitutes — erythritol — may very well increase the risk for heart attack and stroke. [The authors nevertheless] concede that much more investigation needs to be done. The important question is whether the benefits of reduced sugar and caloric intake outweigh the risk of consuming products with these sugar substitutes.”
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Keep in mind that EVERYTHING you consume is a CHEMICAL. So, unless you only use the Periodic Table of Elements as your menu then you are indeed eating and drinking nothing but chemicals. Also, you are a chemical.

Erythritol is made from fruits and vegies AND is actually manufactured in our bodies as we need it.

Well, there are natural chemicals which we evolved to eat, and then there are manufactured chemicals which we haven't evolved with. I thought my post was clear that i was referring to manufactured chemicals which in my view, although they wont' kill you outright, are not healthy or good for you either.

@snytiger6 Whether a chemical is natural or man-made is absolutely no indication of whether it is harmful or beneficial. There's an abundance of naturally occurring chemicals that are lethal to humans. Also, the dosage makes all the difference. Pears naturally contain formaldehyde which is deadly in high enough quantities. Excessive amounts of Vitamin D can cause heart problems. And the all-natural botulinum toxin is the most toxic substance known.

@Charles1971 You are just being argumentative. Anyone of moderate intelligence should know what I meant.

@snytiger6 Maybe I'm being argumentative but I'm also correct.

And plenty of manufactured chemicals are good for you. Aspirin can be very beneficial. Synthetic insulin literally saves many millions of lives.

A blanket statement that natural chemicals are all good and all man-made chemicals are all harmful is completely inaccurate. So yes, I will argue against inaccurate statements.


Here is the KEY PASSAGE:

"“Although compelling, the studies are preliminary, and findings indicate an association between erythritol and heart attacks and strokes rather than a causal relationship,” noted Dr. Hwa."

Correlation is NOT causation.

Beware. The GQP is on a full-scale war-footing to confuse and destroy ALL western institutions (i.e. Putin's agenda).


I never used artificial sweeteners. Just a bunch of nasty chemicals.


Erythitol is a NATURAL substance derived from fruits & veggies and in fact is manufactured by our bodies.
This tiny 'sample' was not in any way a clinical trial or close to it and actually was published by a guy who hates red meat and says the same things about it.........

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