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Good for Marianne. She livens up the Dem campaign with many great ideas and a real sense of what our time calls for. I'll consider voting for her but she's unexperienced at some major jobs for a President. Those may not be of much importance if States Of America falls into Civil War so maybe we should pull inward and think about ourselves for a while. Other nations might also like that. So you go, girl, and may you be heard.

I will hear out Marianne and consider giving her my vote?

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rainmanjr 8 Mar 5

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I shared this wil a local woman who is a big activist on this island.


I'm not into her New Age spirituality and such, but last time she did say some rather refreshingly candid and intelligent things, in the Dem primary debates. She has no chance at all, but I hope she stays in the race a while and ends up in the debates. Always glad to hear someone calling out the corporate Dems and the ruling class that funds them and pulls their strings.


Finally, someone who gets it. The most serious problem facing the world today is the system of constant growth, economics which, given the clear limited resource base of this planet is doomed to a horrible crash. 'We the People' was founded on a system that was and should be non-profit. When money and profits enter the picture all hell will, and is, breaking loose. Of course we have gotten to the point too many are simply not paying attention and we need someone else (usually with a lot of money to break through all the other competing rabble) to put us on a certain path, and we all know where that is headed.

We absolutely need a new mantra and coming from an intelligent, very well spoken, female messenger is really a breath of fresh air. She is not only clear and has a take-charge method but, following the direction from the speaking group 'Toastmasters' [] none of the usual, ums, ahs, I mean, you know, indecisiveness.

As far as being unqualified, look at the last 'president' (wanna be dictator) and see where that has gotten us (don't if you want to sleep at night). Of course we will get the usual CRAP from the Republicans about her inexperience.

Intelligence and a great speaking manner managed to overcome the countries racism and get us Obama who, was very successful. Now we need another candidate that will break some tired old, stupid traditions. I would vote for her in a heartbeat.


Wow. Great endorsement. I'm more worried about her inexperience in relation to her vulnerability for Con attacks than "damage" to some foreign investments. While scoffing at our heavy world footprints I also note that we have, so far, managed to avoid WWIII vs Russia because of them. She might not have been so prescient, or managed it as well as POTUS Joe has, but her ideas for mental and physical health would usher in a very different nation to begin with (if she were even somewhat successful). Wars might be addressed very differently also and Ukraine might fall by then. Unless NATO gets physically involved I doubt Ukraine has enough soldiers to win.


the link did not work, nor did it connect to one on youtube that worked.

kmaz Level 7 Mar 5, 2023


I changed it out for this one.


i did not like the interviewer interrupting so much
i've heard worse than her point of view. i disagree with the embrace of socialism that comes largely from the progressive idealists on the wing of the democrats but she is speaking at least some truths and i am with her on continuing to ally to defeat the republican neo fascists as i have voted since 2000

@kmaz Karl always thinks he's the star. She looks at us from a mental health POV and that's exactly what we need in order to begin getting better. However, a POTUS must also deal with political matters of foreign investments, war, competition, and stuff like that. Glad you found her interesting.

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