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I do not see how any self-respecting person who has been a regular Fox viewer can continue that preference or obsession. Both depositions under oath and private electronic communicates clearly shows that Fox talking heads and management show only disdain for you, for truth and integrity,. For the well-being of our nation. To them, you are merely a profit center to be manipulated to rake in the cash. They knowingly and constantly lie to you because they think that it is absolutely necessary to keep you hooked and milked for cash.

If I found out that someone or some organization were treating me in such a manner, I would never have anything to do with them, except as an absolutely enemy because they treated me with such contempt and disdain. Wake up and stop letting Fox poison our political thought and discourse!! Wake up and do what is morally right!!!

wordywalt 9 Mar 8

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Unfortunately, many of the faux noise people live their lives in a state of denial. Often, when conflicting evidence is presented they simply double down on their denial. No one wants to be wrong especially on such a scale as these people live under.


Apparently FIX News is not reporting on the unsealed info. Surprise.


you seem to be ignoring the fact that some folks prefer to ignore facts when they are inconvenient.


FOX is bias. Didn't you notice that MSNBC & CNN are equally bias?

But not encouraging their viewers to attack the Capitol.

Yes, all of the networks yoyu mention have a bias. But, Fox is willingly and knowlingly lying consistently, whereas CNN and MSNBC and genuinely attempting to be truthfl. If you annot see that difference, you haave a real roblem.

not equally. fox is just shit for information and don't care about anything but power and thier purse. we all can and must live with bad people but im not gonna mind when tragedy hits the fox players. simply bad people.

@wordywalt What I see is you don't see willful lying at all the aforementioned stations.

@hankster Yes, equally.

@Secretguy Are you saying FOX encouraged a riot?

@Alienbeing not even close.

@Alienbeing I don't see what uis not there. Give me one instanc of willful lying on CNN or MSANVC.

@wordywalt Mmmmm. For starters, how about the "mostly peaceful" comments wil actually standing in frot of buildings burning.

In the future I'll document each lie for you.

@Alienbeing Keep tring. That means nothing to me.

@wordywalt Not surprised it did't do anything for you and I truly don't care. Your knowledge of current events seems hopelessly poor.

As I said, I'll document future lies to you.

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