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LINK Florida Republican Stan McClain Proposes Bill to Ban Students Below Sixth Grade From Discussing Periods -- The Daily Beast

Florida Republican lawmaker Stan McClain has proposed a bill that would prohibit instruction on sexually transmitted diseases, health education, and human sexuality for students earlier than sixth grade. The bill would, in effect, means student could be prohibited from speaking with staff about their menstrual cycles, McClain confirmed Wednesday when asked by Democratic state Rep. Ashley Viola Gantt to confirm. Such an outcome is not the “intent of the bill,” McClain said, adding that he would be “amenable” to amendments granting students the ability to discuss menstruation. The bill as proposed would also require Florida schools to teach that sex is determined “at birth” and that it is “binary, stable and unchangeable,” HuffPost reported.

(I remember a couple girls in my school growing up started puberty in 4th grade, at age 9.)

snytiger6 9 Mar 18

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Florida gets more fucked up by each passing day.


Very terrible. If kids grow up not knowing anything about sexually transmitted diseases they just might end up having them. I'm not sure why people think they can raise these kids in a closet. It is all about control and the ones proposing to ban things are afraid they will lose control.

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