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Dear Texas Law Enforcement (re: Uvalde) ~

Below is a video you may find useful. It depicts Nashville Metro Police Department personnel in an active shooter situation, at an elementary school, on March 27, 2023.

It was less than 15 minutes from first 911 call, to the shooter being dead. Please do this shit next time.

You're welcome.


United States of America and the State of Texas Taxpayers (ie: your bosses)

(I don't advocate for the police to shoot anyone. Except mass shooters. This is exactly how it's done, and how it should be done for them all. #jmo)

Nashville Metro PD Taking Out An Active Shooter In Less Than 5 Minutes After Arriving @ The Scene
(The woman outside the school took up more time than finding and killing the shooter once inside.)

SeaGreenEyez 9 Mar 28

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they could use it......IF, Big IF, they could have moved their scared-shitless dead asses into action.......


Hopefully they will televise these kinds of videos, it would work as a deterrent for people who think that shooting up a school would be fun.

It is really quite stunning. Years and years (decades) 😢 of watching law enforcement literally do nothing (beginning with Columbine) until there was no threat to them personally, makes this especially jaw-dropping. 😳😳😳

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