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LINK Michigan Republicans Vote To Keep Law Barring Unwed Couples From Living Together | HuffPost

😔 These people frighten me. Pubic Hair Thomas best resign. His marriage is on the chopping block. Interracial couples could are next. Reverse to 1952.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 21

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GQP are all over other people's sexuality when they consistently play dumb about their own pedophilia, adultery and rape.


Such a stupid law. So when an article tells you that Michigan is one of two states that ban cohabitation? Don't you think they should tell the reader the other state? It's Mississippi.


At least the Dems control the Senate, House, and the Governor's office. Hopefully this will happen in other states as the Republicans continue their assault on our personal rights and freedom.


I for one will not return to that era!🤬


The usual republican crapola. Why are they sooo obstinate and stupid!? Do they get some sort of rush by taking people's rights away!? Are they so incapable of seeing how people vote when their rights are taken? Maybe this is their form of self-flagellation.

@SeaGreenEyez It would be interesting (not) to see what kind of upbringing these people. We already know about tRUMP's upbringing and, I suspect, many of the others went through the same childhood abuse. It is said abuse, the gift that keep on giving.


It really is nuts. As the GQPers options get smaller and smaller they will become more hateful.
Does not matter who you are as humans options or choices are how we live. When those options get less and less or your world gets smaller and smaller - for whatever reason - some people get angry and vicious.
Some use the ability to choose as a weapon. It's really just human nature. I hope the people in Michigan can vote these republicans out.

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