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LINK Far-right Oath Keepers founder sentenced to 18 years over January 6 attack | US Capitol attack | The Guardian

Stewart Rhodes, Jan 6 insurrectionist sentenced to 18 years today.

He has the notable history of shooting his own eye out while teaching a gun safety class.

BufftonBeotch 8 May 25

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I think the judge went a tad easy on him. Didn't we Hang John Brown?

Abolitionist John Brown? Yes. He was hanged.

John Brown was right, though. Several years ahead of his time.
This one eye dick wad wanting a dictatorship not so much.

@BufftonBeotch I did a quick check on the other s.c. I could remember, the 1954 Puerto Rician assault on the US congress. They were sentenced to 50 and 75 years for their attempted murder charges, but their s.c. charges landed them only 7 more years each, Jimmy Carter let them free after just over 20 years.

@glennlab Famous traitor I know is Benedict Arnold. Followed by all of the Confederacy and Nixon and those who were affiliated with him. and those affiliated with him were later aligned with Reagan, then the bushes and now dumpety.
Trump thinks of Roy Kohn as a hero.
Tell you where his head is.

@BufftonBeotch t There have only been a few s.c. in history. The confederates were given general amnesty for their sedition


@glennlab Because Johnson the Confederate had Lincoln's head blown off.


Democracy got a tiny bit safer. Giving him an orange turd for a cell mate would make it much safer.

That soft flesh bucket won't be sent to a real prison.

Can you imagine him trying to sling a 20 pound sledge to break rocks?

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