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LINK Neil deGrasse Tyson: Atheist or Agnostic? | Big Think - YouTube

This guy says it all. Of course I am closed minded about the existence of a deity, an afterlife or anything supernatural. I do agree with him about not wanting to be party of any atheistic movement or to congregate with other Atheists. I will belittle religious people if I'm pushed but I try not to.

barjoe 9 June 1

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He does not like to be attached to any labels but as an agnostic I agree what he says about the attitude of some atheists.


Neil sells science better than anyone. He makes everyone want to study science.

Does a good job


I like his view on this even though my claim is that I am atheist. The big problem with this IMO is that others with similar views start in talking nonsense to you that is worse than any god belief and way harder to believe. It's easy for me to claim that ancient sheep and goat herders who did not know where the sun went at night decided to tell us where everything came from and how we all got here. A ridiculous fallacy. This gets very strained when others who claim to believe as I do bring in beings from other galaxies to make up their story book. Got any evidence? A lot of people seem to think that evidence for things starts out as something you cannot explain. There are lots of things we cannot explain.

If you can't explain it, you don't have evidence.


Have identified as "atheist" for some years now by being certain that mythical beliefs, super-natural, does not exist. I listen to this, and may well be leaning toward adopting "agnostic" as a more sensible definition of how I think. A superb argument just made...


Evasive, I would say. Diplomatic, might be unjustifiably kind. He wants to be loved, you see, and he doesn't want to offend all those religious people who might not love him anymore were he to adopt a 'label'.

I prefer straight talking people, myself. Even if I don't agree with them.

I think it's less about 'love' (an emotion) and more about listening and supporting. He's more of a reason based person than an emotional based one.

@jackjr no, he craves being popular, and avoids anything that might deny than popularity.

@David1955 I would imagine when someone gets a popular as he is it would tend to take over. He seems to have reached the pinnacle of his field so now on to another field (spokesman).


I am with him.

He's trying to be diplomatic.

@barjoe sounds like a well thought out train of thought to me.... thinking hard on it

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