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a poll: were you able to access this rite during the last three months when something was apparently wrong with the security certificate

We're you able to access this site during the recent three month outage?

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kmaz 7 Aug 12

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so it sounds like it was about 2 1/4 months not three months

another thing is trying to fight out how many community members don't yet know the site is back up, and then how many of those won't come back anyway once they find out, or who already know and won't come back. hopefully not too many

and then there's a question of whether the site is still in danger of going out and whether ther is anything we can do to meet the site owners partway to help them keep it up and running.

kmaz Level 7 Aug 13, 2023

June 1 was the last time I was able to access the site until this week. My security software didn't allow me to continue without turning off all of my security settings. I have Chrome and Bing on desktops, Safari on my iPad, and an Android phone.


I use a computer to view/participate in this site. An error came up that said there was a problem with the security certificate, and did I want to continue anyway, so I said "yes" and had no problem after that. (I wasn't really sure what the risk was.)

Since there were only very few members on the site, it was like a ghost town, so I only checked in once a week or so to see how things were going. It's nice to have it back up where others feel comfortable participating.

Sounds like those who use a phone to access the site had more difficulty signing in than those using computers, but I might have misunderstood that.

I use an iPad and was completely unable to access the site.

@Marionville Aha! Then maybe it was all "mobile devices" such as phones and iPad type tablets. I use a lap top computer (Mac Book Pro) and can access insecure sites if I want to -- but wasn't any fun with so many of my favorite members not here!

i access both by windows laptop and iphone and neither worked at all. i was unable to get past whatever my security software was doing in my laptop and just access the site


I could have accessed it - but chose not to do so.


Was it only 3 months? It felt like so much longer.

I think it was actually less than that…at least for me. The last date I was able to access the site was 2nd June.

It's been since February that the messenger portion of the site stopped working (for me anyway) so the problems with the site do seem longer than just since June.

@Julie808 I’m only talking about not being able to login at all …a complete shut out and inability to access the site. A message came up each time stating the site was insecure and access was denied. The site hadn’t been working properly for some time before that…and even now isn’t really working properly like it used to at one time.

@Marionville @Julie808 Looking back in my history, before August the last time I posted anything was June 1st. So, there 'ya go. I am a daily poster.

@Marionville Agree that the site still doesn't seem to be working on all cylinders. Even just replying to posts and comments, the gears are turning so long that I have time to re-re-read my own words and realize I should have proof-read it, haha!

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