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We lived, are living through these events. Growing up, I thought Pearl Harbor was huge, WWII was huge and things like those would never happen again.

Now we have lived through 9/11, the unjustified 2 Iraq Wars, the failed Afghanistan war, Jan 6th riots and 4 indictments of ex President Trump by legal courts.

All these are huge, not just for our generation but for generations to come. I am not even mentioning the Mars missions and AI.

Do you agree?

On the scale of 1 to 4, please select how big are these events?

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St-Sinner 9 Aug 15

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You left out something. Nuclear fusion. Human beings can now make stars. You wonder why there is so much talk of aliens and UFOs? This is why. Everything is shifting. You feel it.


Trump has still not been indicted for the Jan 6 insurrection; supposedly because it would be 'hard' to make the case?!!! It shouldn't matter how likely it is to get a conviction (as with the impeachments). The real problem is that the GOP does not pay a price for their treason. Most of them should be registered as foreign agents...

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