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QUESTION Researchers claim that humans have souls which can live on after death

And Sir Roger is not alone in believing this, since his theory is backed by researchers at the renowned Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich.

Experts there argue that our physical universe is just a perception, and that once our bodies die there is an infinite life beyond.

CallMeDave 8 Dec 9

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I will get the Right Answer to that Sooner or Later and I won't need previous explanation.


All humans trend to see what they want at times. We have to school ourselves constantly. Personally I "think" the soul is "you" - the seat of consciousness; and we drive these bodies around like cars, or inborn spirits. At some point the mind develops the strength to exist outside the body. (reference Celestine Profesy - film). I could only guess at where such an entity would glean nurishment to go on living like that but possibly as a byproduct of other/all life on Earth, possibly the sun, or gravity itself. Or some force we haven't discovered yet. What we call "grace" is actually the default state for such existance. Any who failed to achieve their own grace for their own reason would simply disscorporate upon physical death.


I'm not one to summarily dismiss the possibility but, even if such research was found conclusive which I highly doubt, I'd expect it to be confirmed and accepted by a large majority of researchers in the this case, several interdisciplinary fields who could corroborate the data in several independent studies.

I say this because, even if I were so inclined to study the data myself, I won't pretend I'd have any understanding of it. It'd have to be presented much in the way the theory of evolution has been which, while as still a "theory" in and of itself, I accept because of the overwhelming evidence presented in its favor.

The main reason I am skeptical of this theory is in part what the article cites as support of it: people in near death experiences often cite meeting angels and other religious avatars. Why? Because these icons are always of their religions and not all religions can be "right". I find these phenomenon to be much more likely caused by the final hopes and fears of a dying brain.

Anthropocentrism also comes into play in this research, a common fallacy present in religious research (which is a clear contradiction of terms). The very fact they exclude other sentient life forms immediately raises red flags in my opinion.


ALWAYS consider the source! Our brain is a fine tuned instrument which rules everything in us. No one really knows for sure no matter what they came to be, experts or not.


You mean biblical researchers?


But not consciousness. I am no scientist nor do I have a firm grasp of physics. But from what little I have read our energy continues but not our consciousness. I am perfectly content believing my energy becomes part of the universe and my "self" ceases.


I agree in general,though I take talk of quantum jumps into an eternal afterlife with a pinch of salt.

We are part of the universe and as such are immortal in that we can never die since mass/energy is eternal,we are are of something bigger than individual existences. Just we have been brought up to think of oursleves as separate fom the universe and that there is an "us" and then an "everything else outside of us" as if we are just bubbles appearing the vanishing before your eyes. Looking from a diffferent level,that is not what is going on though.We are too hung up and obssessed with our physical appearances/experiences.It's like children watching a magic show, what they see it not what is happening.


If this research is empirical, it can be replicated. Let a non religious researcher produce the same data and I will open minded consider it.


Actually Roger Primrose a devout Christian offer arguments for the existence of a cosmic consciousness not a soul but, the existence of the mind on a Quantum Level. His argument falls apart once applied to the physics of the macro universe.
He is a brilliant man but, in later years seems to be bent on wasting his talent to prove his faith.
As for the source it is a British tabloid with about as much creditability as the National Enquirer.


Yes, there's spirit or energy in living beings that does not die with the body.
It's not superstition or religion, it's a fact.

Maybe there is, maybe there isn't. It's not a fact, it's a belief.

When the hand opens the fist is gone. Does the fist somehow still exist on some mysterious level. Only in the wishful thinking of the fist before the hand opens. The fist was never a thing unto itself but rather something the hand was doing. We are something that Nature / The Universe is doing.

Not the fist, i'm talking about the energy that made the hand move to make a fist, and then to open it.
Energy is not inherent in the hand (body), otherwise it would move when the body is dead.


I think instead of "souls" they should have used the word "consciousness" or even "energy."
To claim that researchers claim anything without crediting the institution from whence these researchers research leaves such claims needing more than a little substantiation.


That "newspaper" (and I use that loosely) looks like a scandal magazine to me. I wouldn't trust anything I read from that. If it was a true scientific article, it would be in a scientific magazine.

Take it is.

Damn you spell check!! That it is.


Life after death as if everything is just as it was during life? Or, life after death as described in religious texts? No, I don't think we are capable of comprehending or describing whatever happens to our consciousness after death but I believe something continues.

Everything that exists in the universe including planets, stars and people are made of different combinations of the same stuff. And,nothing truly ends, whether it's matter, energy or space but things can change form. Burn wood and it releases energy creates gases and makes charcoal but everything that was wood is still there,but in different amounts and combinations.

It's conceivable that the whatever our consciousness is, can function in different contexts such as our earthly life as a by-product of sentience and electro-chemical brain activity or in a parallel universe, a different dimension or an altered state of consciousness.

Burn a piece of wood and the piece of wood is gone. The gasses, heat and ash is not doing the same thing as the piece of wood. Open your hand and the fist is gone, the hand is no longer fisting. If consciousness were a substance instead of something the brain is doing, there might be something to what you are saying. But I see no evidence that it is. DaCartes dualism (two substances, mind and matter) always suffers from the problem of how the non-physical acts on the physical. But then what do I know? I'm just a determinist rejecting any and all superstitions.


Total bullshit. No science. Just a little quantum woo, and very little of that. Why did I waste my time with this crap?

Sorry about that. 😟🙂


I have a problem with the word 'soul' . It's a very religious term full of belief and faith connoctions.He seems to be trying to link Science with religious belief. It'd be marvellous if there was even a 'grain of truth' in it but it seems to me to be more like wishful thinking.

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