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Non Believer differences by Region

Since I live in New England U.S.A. it has not been these last few years very palatable in finding lots of good quality friends here and I was wondering if this is just my region or if it is all over the U.S. and say Europe. Therefore, any feedback is great. N.H. is my locale. It would be amazing to find great friends here and that road has been rough and I find myself longing to have others that are Humanists to just converse with and so much I am considering moving and if you know of Agnostic, Atheist, Humanist etc. hubs, let me know and please, share your experiences.
Posted with peace and love and I want to listen and share.

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Just about anywhere in Europe, especially Scandinavia and the UK. I have been an atheist since birth, and all but two of my friends and acquaintances are non-religious or atheist. And the two that are don't try to convert me or discriminate against me because I am an atheist. We do have the occasional fascinating debates where we eventually agree to differ though!


in the uk, religion is not important to most people and hardly gets a mention, the only time religion gets mentioned is after a terrorist attack or threat, then all you hear is rasict people moaning about muslims


Do not move Miami...largely Latino community all christians and shallow ...


Be it by region or state, urban or rural... We are like grouse hiding in the bushes. You know we are out there.. it's just a matter of seeking them out. It's tough no matter what region you live in and not to get into the politics of this but the way our society is going with so much religious overtones in dam near anything you read now days.. we need to stick together and be strong.

I totally agree. Thanks for that post Misty.


I'd do some research but it seems every urban area in the US has secular communities of all types. Several have social groups for humanists.

I've never sought them because I am always a member of arts communities where religion generally isn't an issue and is rarely (if ever) discussed.

Now that you're on this site check the right hand column on your profile below your info. There you'll find an ever growing list of the members closest to you.

Welcome and happy hunting!


Welcome from the south of New Hampshire-I have had the same problem finding sane people who can carry on an intelligent conversation about current events. Feel free to message me.


I would go to and see if they have any atheist/humanist groups in your area. I did the same where I live and was able to find a group of people with similar beliefs.


I think you are going to have better odds living in a more urban area


For Canada, I found a fairly predictable pattern: The midwest is similar to the states, being the bible belt. But otherwise, god belief is predominant in rural areas; urban areas tend to be more intellectual and therefore less so. This is a generalization with exceptions of course, but the pattern is there.


here in England where I live a lot of people say they believe in god but do nothing about it and mostly don't mention it at all which is good for me. the other thing people say is their spiritual but not religious which I think is just a way of being religious without having to go to church.


The struggle is real, brother. That's definitely why I joined this site. The only friends I currently have are my boyfriend (who shares my theological beliefs) and my mother and sister (who still claim to be Christian even though I think they're kind of just holding onto their Christianity just in case).

And my partner and I just bought a house in the most right-winged, conservative, Christian, country areas of Texas... I feel ya, man. Sometimes I just get so tired of (I wouldn't even call it debating) on facebook, and I just want to have a conversation with someone without hearing a comment 30 minutes in, that shocks my ethical sensibilities to their core.

Good luck, and keep the faith... in humanity that is.


Most of Canada other than parts of Alberta, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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